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About Us

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RFPATTORNEY is an online legal services marketplace that connects individuals, businesses and legal departments to the right lawyer, with the right expertise, and within the right budget. Our goal is to improve access to practicing attorneys by leveraging niche expertise, content and social media.

We help lawyers get their expertise in front of the right clients. On RFPattorney, lawyers can instantly generate a modern, professional, and free online presence – an individual website in our legal network with flexible content options and structured around a specific niche. It is your space to describe yourself and your experience, publish content (such as case studies and articles), and integrate social media (such as LinkedIn and blogging). It builds on top of your social networks and helps leverage existing efforts. You will have an optimal online presence for potential clients to find you, learn about you and your legal knowledge, and contact you. Sign up today.

We help clients find qualified lawyers with the right knowledge. On RFPattorney, clients can conduct a smarter search for the right lawyer based on their needs. The clean and simple interface requires only two inputs: Where do you need a lawyer? What are your legal needs? A client’s search can go even further – the individual or business can also evaluate and compare a set of lawyers using our simple yet comprehensive cloud request for proposal (“RFP”) process, which is fully integrated with our expertise based network of attorneys. Save time and money and make an informed decision. Start your RFP today.

RFPattorney also helps meet the growing demand for alternatives to hourly fees. On their presence, licensed practicing lawyers can choose to offer their own Flat-Fee Solutions (such as wills or incorporation documents). This gives a potential client more choices and the security of seeing the expertise behind those choices.

RFPattorney provides a new way of using the power of the web and social media to bridge the gap between attorney marketing and client search. We deliver a “win-win” for both attorneys and clients.

Do I need to download or purchase software?

No, is completely web-based, access only requires a modern web browser (we recommend Google Chrome), an internet connection, and the desire for a better legal marketplace.


We take your security very seriously. Our entire site uses the Secure Sockets Layer ("SSL") encryption protocol for managing the security of the transmission of all personal and financial information. We use industry standard best practices, including encryption, authentication and backup tools, to safeguard and secure your information while stored on our computer systems

We do not review the content of RFPs, RFP responses, comments, or messages. We only review outgoing RFP title/overview and contact requests for validation purposes. However, we do not see the identity of the recipient of any RFP or contact request. Please see our Privacy Policy for complete information.


Do you want to connect with more quality clients?

Are you already utilizing social networks, blogging, writing articles, attending events, sharing knowledge, etc. and want to get your content in front of the right audience?

Are you an attorney with limited resources to spend on a new website every time technology changes?

Or are you completely new to online marketing and looking for a complete platform to establish your online footprint?

RFPATTORNEY provides the solution!

Knowledge is your best marketing tool, and you showcase that knowledge through your content - case studies, articles, presentations, blogs, videos, etc. We get that content out in front of those purchasing legal services. People want to connect with a lawyer having the knowledge and ability to help them understand their legal issue, and help them solve it. The challenge up until now has been how to organize, curate, and leverage that content to connect with and engage potential clients.

RFPATTORNEY is a complete legal marketing solution. How do we do it? We let your knowledge find your clients. We start with your Presence.

What is a Presence?

You have enough profiles - static online statements about you. A Presence in our system represents so much more - your Presence on the web, your Presence in a specific industry, your Presence in a specific legal service.

We have specifically designed a Presence to be focused on only one industry or one legal service. For instance, you could create a Construction Presence or an Employment Agreements Presence, respectively. One size fits all profiles are simply not effective.

Each Presence contains your vital information, as well as pages showcasing:

As you can see, a Presence represents a singular place where you can collect and curate your content and showcase your knowledge. Don't yet have a blog or don't tweet - no worries, you are free to select only the pages you want to share with clients. Check out our featured Presence!

Why Industries and Services?

You will not see traditional practice areas or areas of law on our system. Instead, we categorize each Presence from the perspective of the client looking for legal services - Do you serve my industry? Do you provide the service I need? By structuring each Presence around a specific industry or service, we make it easy for you to leverage your skills and expertise and for the client to find and connect with you.

When creating your Presence, you simply choose one from our comprehensive list - whatever best represents how you want to showcase your expertise.

Can I have more than one Presence?

Absolutely! Your first Presence is free! If you want to showcase your knowledge in more than one niche, a second (or third, or fourth) is only a few clicks away. For less than the cost of lunch with a client you can add another Presence and target an entirely different set of clients with your knowledge. Our system allows you to be both narrow enough via one Presence to target a specific market, but broad enough via multiple Presences to encompass your complete skill set.

How do I connect with ideal clients?

On RFPATTORNEY, you don't have to wade through a database of cases and potential clients. You are not matched up by someone somewhere. And you certainly don't bid for work. Instead, the potential client finds your Presence, reviews your knowledge as showcased on your Presence, and determines that you have the skill, experience and care for their needs. Our platform takes it from there! And you can use our platform to track everything: your Presence views, your leads, and your RFPs.

But how do they find me?

We have optimized our site to drive more traffic, more leads, and more clients in three ways:

Via our innovative platform

A client can either run a Quick Search to quickly find a lawyer or utilize our streamlined RFP Process, and search for and select RFP recipients. Either way, we deliver your Presence to these clients based on the needs of each client. Your knowledge finds the clients - your knowledge generates your leads.

Via social networks and traditional sharing

We have custom designed your Presence to leverage across all social media channels. First, you (or anyone reviewing your Presence) can use the integrated share buttons on every Presence to distribute your content. Second, you automatically receive a customized URL for each Presence that you can share with anyone. For example, if Charles W. Kingsfield has a breach of contract Presence on our site, his custom URL is automatically

Via search engines

When it comes to search engine optimization ("SEO"), we have you covered. The best way to get found by search engines is to generate original and relevant content. Your content focused Presence has this covered. To boost your Presence even more, we offer custom URLs (see above) and full social media integration (shares, likes, tweets, and +1's), all of which enhance your singular Presence in search engines.

Why an Events Page?

No social network or online marketing will ever completely replace traditional face-to-face interactions with clients and referral sources. They can only supplement and strengthen those efforts. Here you can showcase and promote your real world events: conferences, trade shows, bar association events, CLEs, etc. A potential client can see the event and your involvement, and connect with you. Following an event, you can even upload a document or add a link to share with other attendees.

What are Flat-Fee Solutions?

Some call these unbundled services, fixed fee or legal products. Whatever the name, these arrangements are a reality of the new legal marketplace - selling a fixed set of knowledge at a set price. Some sites offer prepackaged legal forms or legal services reviewed by an attorney you have never met or selected. Instead, what we offer is the ability for every lawyer to offer their own Flat-Fee Solutions directly to clients, and for that attorney to retain control over the process and the fees. Plus, the client will have the security and validation of seeing the knowledge behind your offering right on your Presence, right when making the purchasing decision.

I am already on LinkedIn...

Great decision, LinkedIn is a powerful professional network. We integrate the power of its vast network via LinkedIn's 'Member Profile' plug-in, which is available on every Presence. Users can link to your LinkedIn profile to see your education, employment, etc. More importantly, a user can instantly see any connections they already have to you while viewing your Presence. A tremendous resource for recommendations and referrals from the user's trusted network.

I have one twitter account but multiple Presences?!?

No Problem! When you set up your twitter page on each Presence, we let you create a custom hashtag ('#') for that Presence. For example, if you have a Construction Presence, and set your hashtag to #construction, only tweets containing that hashtag will be delivered to that twitter page. A simple yet effective way to curate your useful tweets!

What is the 'Verify Me' button?

While we strive to verify that attorneys registered with our site are licensed and in good standing, there is no way to continually monitor the admission or disciplinary authorities from every state. Thus, to make it easier for potential clients to perform the necessary due diligence, we provide an instant link to the search mechanism for the appropriate state bar, where one can access the attorney's status directly from the regulating body of the state.

Can my firm be listed?

We are strong believers that people hire individual lawyers, not law firms. Thus, our site focuses on the Presence of the individual attorney. However, firm associations are clearly stated on your Presence. Further, a user can run a search by firm and see all the Presences of a specific firm. In essence, a firm is known for the collective knowledge of its member lawyers.

What happens after a client finds me?

Our system goes beyond just connecting you with potential clients. It provides a dynamic application to track and manage those connections and help you turn leads into engagements. Key functions include:

We utilize the latest technology to deliver a comprehensive solution. And we will continue to add new features and adapt with technology, so you, and your content, will continue to be out in front of your target audience.


On RFPATTORNEY, individuals, businesses and in-house legal departments can find the right attorneys for their specific legal needs. Our clean, simple and intuitive platform was built specifically for those seeking legal services from practicing lawyers.

We offer two easy options:

Our platform allows you to select the right lawyer by reviewing their knowledge and experience. Most importantly, you will save time and money on your search. You can also locate a lawyer with a very specific skill set, find useful and interesting legal information, locate events of interest and connect with attorneys face-to-face, and find flat-fee legal solutions.

How does the Quick Search work?

Our application will connect you with the right attorney for your needs in a few easy steps. We ask only two simple questions: (1) where do you need an attorney; and (2) what are your legal needs. It is that simple. Our niche based network and proprietary search algorithm ensures you are connected with the best potential attorneys for your needs.

Go ahead and try out our Quick Search today!

What will I find on an attorney’s profile?

Each profile contains relevant information about the attorney – bio, firm, admissions – and may also contain case studies, thought leadership (articles, presentations, etc.), a blog feed, a twitter feed, events page, and/or services offered. Every page is specifically designed to showcase an attorney’s own content. Further, each attorney profile, and its content, is based on one niche – either a service provided or an industry served. You can see for yourself if an attorney has the exact expertise you need.

I am searching for a specific attorney.

No problem. Our site is the perfect place to check out a referral or recommendation you have received. Click on “search by name” from the Quick Search page and simply start typing the attorney’s name - matching results will appear.

Can I narrow my search results?

Absolutely – along the left column of the search results screen you will see several choices: distance, firm name, firm size, years of experience, and types of content. Filter by content type allows you to see, for example, only attorneys that blog, or attorneys that are showcasing case studies.

How do I know if an attorney is licensed and in good standing?

While we strive to verify that attorneys registered with our site are licensed and in good standing, there is no way to continually monitor the admission or disciplinary authorities from every state. Thus, we provide an instant link to the search mechanism for the appropriate state bar on each attorney profile, where you can access the attorney's current status directly from the regulating body of the state.

What are flat fee solutions?

Some attorney profiles may include Flat Fee Solutions, which represent defined legal services at a set price provided by practicing attorneys. For example, an attorney may draft a will or provide a set of corporate formation documents for a pre-determined fee. Flat Fee Solutions are quick, convenient and a great option for controlling your legal bills while getting exactly what you need. Plus, you have the security and validation of seeing the knowledge behind the attorney’s service right on the attorney’s page.

I found the right lawyer…

Congrats! Each attorney page has an integrated contact form – just click on the big red “Contact Me” button in the top left corner. Provide the requested information and your contact request will be sent. By completing the entire form, especially the legal needs section, the attorney will be able to quickly determine if he or she can assist you and will be better prepared during your initial consultation. You should be contacted by the attorney promptly. If for some reason the attorney is unavailable, you will be notified.

I found a great lawyer and useful content and want to share with others.

Each Presence has integrated share buttons along the bottom: Google +1, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email. Feel free to use as often as you like. And thanks for sharing!


On RFPATTORNEY, you can create a custom request for proposal (“RFP”), search for potential attorneys to respond based on your needs (or invite specific attorneys), review and compare responses side-by-side, and make an informed decision.

Go beyond just locating an attorney, avoid cold-calling lawyers or spending unnecessary time on initial meetings, and save time and money spent on legal procurement – use RFPATTORNEY to find, evaluate, compare and hire the best attorney for you and your needs.

How is your process different from traditional RFPs?

A request for proposal can be a powerful tool for selecting the right lawyer. However, it is often an inefficient, time-consuming and labor-intensive process. It doesn’t have to be. We utilize the latest in cloud technology to deliver a complete web-based platform for the entire RFP process – from creating the RFP through the award decision. We deliver an efficient, effective and streamlined RFP experience. You are free to focus on the substance and selection without worrying about format and structure.

How does the RFP Process work?

You can create a custom RFP and receive proposals tailored to your specific needs in just a few easy steps:

  1. Provide background information
  2. Select your questions
  3. Select the recipients
  4. Create your account
  5. Review and send

It is that simple, visit our RFP overview page to learn more and get started today. Your first RFP is completely free!

How will I know what to ask the attorneys?

In order to expedite the process, we provide a set of predetermined questions from a number of categories for you to choose from – the exact questions you should be asking potential counsel. However, each question is fully editable or you can create your own custom questions. We have preset the response length for each question to keep the process concise (default is 3000 characters, but a few are shorter or longer based on the question). RFIs or RFQs? No problem, just select the appropriate questions.

How do I identify attorneys to receive my RFP?

Easy. We are the only web-based RFP platform integrated with a comprehensive network of attorneys and their knowledge. You can search for attorneys based on your needs, locate a specific attorney by name, or you can invite attorneys not in our network to respond. Only the attorneys you select receive your RFP. We limit the number of recipients to keep the process concise.

What about conflict concerns?

To ensure that each attorney is able to review your full RFP and respond, the attorney is only able to view the identity of the sender, the RFP title and the overview. They receive the full RFP only after they confirm their ability to respond. If they decline, you will receive notification along with comments directly from the attorney.

What happens after I send the RFP?

Our cloud application manages the entire process. The RFP is sent to each attorney, they review and submit their responses by the set deadline, and you receive custom responses delivered right to your account. You can also track response status, view and print PDFs of the RFP and the responses, request interviews with one or more attorneys, make the award decision, and submit feedback to all participants.

Does the system archive past RFPs?

Yes. We archive the RFP and winning response for reference. You can also re-run a past RFP with the click of a button if, for example, you run an annual RFP for legal work.

I am an attorney - what are the benefits to me?


How much does RFPATTORNEY cost?

For Attorneys: Signing up is completely free. And your first Presence is free. If you wish to showcase additional areas of knowledge, you can add a second Presence for only $19.99 per month. And each additional Presence after that is only $9.99 per month.

Once a potential client has reviewed your content, decided that you may be the right attorney, and sent you a request, each lead that you choose to accept costs just $1.99. Discounts are available: 5 for $1.59 each and 10 for $0.99 each. Remember, you are able to review all information (except client name and contact information) contained in the lead prior to the purchase decision. Only pay for the leads you want.

Finally, responding to an RFP received costs $9.99. Discounts are also available: 5 for $7.99 each and 10 for $4.99 each. Again, you can review the client information and RFP description prior to the purchase decision. Only pay for the RFPs you want.

For Clients: Signing up is completely free. Searching for attorneys and reviewing their content is free. Sending a contact request is free. And, most importantly, if you choose to run an RFP, your first one is absolutely free. If you are a legal department, business, or individual with several areas of legal needs, you can run additional RFPs for $29.99 each. Discounts of 5 for $19.99 each are available as well.

What is the Refund Policy?

You can cancel any Presence subscription at any time. No commitments, no hassles.

All credits for leads or RFP responses are non-refundable and expire after 12 months. However, if you believe a lead or RFP was sent to you in error or in bad faith, please contact our support staff via our Contact Page to discuss a refund. See our Terms of Use for complete information on our refund policy.

What happens to my content if I cancel?

You own your content. We just help you organize, curate and leverage it. If you cancel, we will not retain any of your content.